Happy Friday! I just want to share with you guys how I transformed a super casual look to a sophisticated look. Funny story was that, I wore this outfit with a sneakers and I realized I had to go back out again for a quick meet up with a client… View Post

  Happy Friday Everyone! Embracing fall trend… Palazzo Pant & Hat! Statement fall/winter 2017 must have, embody an edgy rock and roll vibe. It was a love at first sight situation, unfortunately, I have a huge head so I was afraid it will be a small fit for me. I… View Post

One of my to do list this year was to find the perfect moisturizer for my skin (including my face). I want to have a healthy glowing skin all year long even during colder months, so I started my research. I changed all my eating habits and skin products this… View Post

Hello Everyone! A look with white Blazer, High-Waist shorts, and Sky high heels. I absolutely love a great Blazer (An essential in any closet).   Flashback to a few years ago, I was insecure about my legs/thighs just because it was covered in stretched marks and a scar I acquired… View Post

Hello and Welcome to My Blog Page! I’ve been trying to create my own web space for a while now, however I’m not a great writer so I shy away from creating one. Over the years, I receive a lot of questions about fashion, skin care, makeup, and more. This… View Post